Lesson Category: Writing

Module 6: Self-Edit Like A Pro

In this module, we look at: Errors are like sand in a bowl of cooked rice. Read your documents several times. Be careful to see what you wrote and not what you intended to write. Employ the services of a professional Editor.

Module 5: Your Complete Story in 9 Steps

In this module, we focus on the following: Come up with a great story idea. Create realistic and memorable characters. Choose a story structure. Home in on the setting. Write your rough draft. Grab your reader from the beginning. Raise your reader’s curiosity. Maintain your reader’s attention with cliffhangers/suspense. Write a resounding, satisfying ending.

Module 4: Elements of a Good Story

In this lesson, we discuss: A motor vehicle is composed of many parts: Engine Seats steering wheel, tyres, brakes and so many other parts that function together to make it drive well A house comprises various rooms for different functions; bedroom, kitchen, toilet, living room, etc. A human body is composed of different parts, each …

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Module 3: Find Your Voice

In this module, you will learn the following: Be original. Use your life experiences. Be present in your writing. Have an adaptable voice. Step out of your comfort zone. Read other authors. Write often. Hone your craft. (take writing courses, attend seminars, webinars , etc) Keep working  on yourself

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