We Are Not Dogs

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We Are Not Dogs

The Urhobo people have an adage that only a dog watches silently while his meal is prepared amiss.
I am not a dog and I will not be silent.
What I am is a Nigerian with a major stake in her country and the power to do something about getting it on the right track and getting it to remain there.
It is no longer news that the Country seems to be on a downward spiral and it appears to be unstoppable. It is no longer news that the majority of Nigerians are unhappy with what is going on around them, and rightly so. What is surprising and therefore, newsworthy, is that it appears most of us, myself included, appear to be floundering; we are going about like a people without the power to decide how we want our food prepared.
We are behaving like dogs~watching while our food is prepared in a way our food is prepared in a way we thoroughly detest, and doing absolutely nothing about it!
I hear you protest loudly that you are not a dog, well, prove it!
Stop sitting silently while the only thing that truly belongs to you and your generations unborn is rapidly being shredded to pieces!
Stop twiddling your thumbs rather than putting your hands on the proverbial plow; don’t remain at the bus station hoping and praying that someone else will decide when you get on the bus; you get on it and tell the driver where to go!
I hear Christians complain that Buhari will Islamize Nigeria; of course he will and with good reason too!
I hear them complain that he has taken Nigeria to the league of Islamic nations and I say, ‘so what?’ Why should he not take us there to seek solutions to our seemingly intractable solutions?
Buhari will do all that and more, and you know why?
• Buhari is a Moslem
• Islam is his culture, it is what he is most familiar with and when people are faced with problems they first look to the most familiar in search of answers.
• He has seen a model that appeals to him in other Islamic nations
• Islamic nations have extended to him the right hand of fellowship and a drowning man doesn’t care who is trying to save him; all he cares about is getting out of the water.
So yes, he will Islamize Nigeria and I have no problem with that.
Am I saying I want Nigeria to become an Islamic country? Far from it!
I am a Christian and I grew up in a secular nation and I desire with all my heart that it remains so. I desire a Nigeria where people are free to make the choice about who or what they worship.
I worship a God that has offered one and all the opportunity to freely choose what is best for them and I want my country to remain so.
But here’s the point: Buhari cannot and will not do what we do not permit him to do!
There is a beautiful scripture in the Bible that we frequently misuse or “underuse” if you will.
It is Proverbs 22:6 and it says
“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”
Well guess what? Our leaders are our children and we have “trained” them in the way they should go and believe me, they are finding it very difficult to depart from the way we have trained them to go.
But we are not dogs; if we do not like what we see, we can do something about it. We can make a difference if we choose to. So long as there is life there hope and there is still a spark of life left in Nigeria. The Bible says that to him that is joined to the living there is hope…to be continued

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