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Latest From the Blog


Ah! Fathers.
These men who love us without being mushy, maybe by being mushy..

I remember my Dad, gone sixteen long short years ago, memory still so fresh.
My Dad was “father hen” if there is anything like that.

He was so protective of his daughters, he would stand on his verandah and glare at any male who was passing if he as much as dared to look into our compound. One of his more famous lines was,

“Keep moving, keep moving.”

Boys were never allowed to stand and stare at my Dad’s girls.


They pretend to be macho but inside they are all mushy.

Happy Fathers day Dads, you all matter.

Manila Notes

Sunrise in Manila

I have been in Manila Philipines for 5 days now. I was not quite sure what to expect before I came but I have been pleasantly surprised.

The Sunrise at 5:20 is just one of such surprises. I will be sharing more soon.

Wondering what I’m doing in Manila? Hahaha…YOLO!

Do more be more.


I believe that everybody wants success but not everyone knows what to do to be successful.  Success is a mystery to most people and the few who seem to know the secret aren’t sharing.




Maybe not true.

Do I know the secret?  The first question for me is whether there’s a secret to begin with. Success is not designed for a select few but it responds to all who know what to do.

To be successful you first need to define clearly what you consider to be success. What does success look like to you?  In what areas would you like to succeed?  How would you know when you have achieved success?

These are critical questions. Until you can answer them you have very little chance of sustainable success. This is because true success is deliberate and personal. As the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Your success is personal to you.  Take the time to define it and see it first in your mind`s eye.

“whatever the mind can conceive the hands can achieve. ”

See you soon!


Photo credit: Emcrae photography


God Is Here

And it came to pass.  One of my favorite phrases in the Bible,  and one of the truest statements in life.


Yesterday the public presentation of God Is Not Here happened. Yes,  the book is finally out everywhere.

The journey to the launch is a full length fiction story!  Definitely not for today’s post.  I’m grateful it happened.  I’m convinced that book had a life of its own!


Long may you live!

Are you sowing?

Amazing isn’t it? January is a few days away from the last day.

It seems like it was yesterday we were saying Happy New Year and making all those wonderful resolutions eh?

How far have you gone this January? How many seeds have you planted?

when my Dad retired from the white-collar job he took to farming extensively so I know a thing or two about farming. A good farmer knows that wishes and resolutions don’t bring a harvest; it is strategic sowing that causes an abundance of fruits at harvest time. Farmers know, perhaps better than anyone else, that time does not wait. There is a time to sow and a time to reap. And once the planting season is missed or carelessly handled, you can be sure of hunger or at best a poor harvest.

My Dad always seemed to be sowing or getting ready to sow! Even at harvest time, he was constantly setting good seeds aside for the next opportunity to put seeds in the ground.

A few days ago I tried to take stock of my first few weeks of the year. Like most people I started on a high but can I honestly say I have maintained the tempo?

Thankfully, I can almost say. yes. It has been a very busy January for me, And from the look of things, the year is likely going to be even busier as we go along. This is a good thing for me and a departure from previous years.

What changed?


A lot of things did. Let’s talk about it later.